About Us

What We do

Impact Recycling based in Vereeniging. Creating a cleaner recycling as well as greener alternative for all.

We provide ferrous recycling and non-ferrous recycling in Vereeniging.

South Africa non-ferrous recycling

Our Values

To every extent the protection of the environment and the health and safety of all the individuals and communities are considered,
Providing Cleaner recycling, Greener recycling in South Africa.

No chemical or burning techniques are applied throughout the processes, thus eliminating any emissions into the environment.

All techniques applied in processing and recycling waste are environmentally friendly and recyclable materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Business Concept

Secondary raw materials are the result of recycling; they are the ecological solution to the ever increasing demand for natural resources.

All the processing of scrap materials and waste is achieved by breaking down the components into the basic raw materials are then separated by means of magnetic as well as air separation techniques.

We pledge the proper handling, collection and processing of all relevant commodities.

Board of Directors:

  • Johan Venter (M.D)
  • Tebogo Rashama

Company Supporting Documentation

  • Letter of Goodstanding from the Compensation Commissioner (Dept of Labour)
  • B-BBEE Certificate – Level 3 Download
  • Pricing Structure reference http://www.palabora.com/rcp.asp
  • TAX Clearance certificate.